Decision Time

Decision Time


After many years online; learning lots from gurus, I finally realised that I need to be focused in what I do.

It is easy to hop from one opportunity to another but never giving any one opportunity a chance to become successful for you. Too many shining objects out there; every one of them with the promise of making you super-successful.

Then I came across the Four Percent.This time , for some reason, I was paying attention and it got me started on a fantastic journey to success.

I got to know Vick – whom I quickly realised is successful and someone I could appoint as my mentor. Also because, one of the first things I learnt from him, is that he also has mentors and this helped him to succeed and continues to provide growth towards his journey as a successful entrepreneur.

After the initial pleasure in learning or reaffirming what I already know or did not know, I settled into the Four Percent Challenge.

This was designed to help you focus on one thing at a time as well as getting you into the daily habit of learning and implementing the Golden Nuggets provided to teach you about becoming an independant and successful entrepreneur.

With baited breath I eagerly awaited each session and what a blast!! Having fun and getting to know important titbits of a successful marketer, what an eye-opener!

All the things I did not know. This made me realise that you need the complete picture in order to focus and succeed. And you need a mentor like Vick Strizheus and the members of the Four Percent to put it into perspective.

So my advice to anyone who is remotely interested in becoming successful online; take a look at the Four Percent Challenge. Nothing bad will happen when you investigate and maybe, just maybe,it could be the answer to your prayers.

Wishing you a successful day.


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