This is me...

Get the Leadingedge.

Who am I and why should you listen/pay attention to me?

Being a single mother to three growing boys certainly has its challenges.

One of them, and I suppose an important one, is the financial ability to give them all they need & to prepare them well for the future.

I do realise that many others find themselves in similar situations.

My journey online took time ; but after I found a mentor it became much easier.

I found the “edge” I needed online. Others were making money and I was eager to follow in their footsteps.

You definitely need a vehicle to carry you to success as well as fuel to power it.

Using the latest, avant-garde ways to build a business online has helped me be at the leading edge of this wave of success.

Now that I am reaching my goals and slowly getting rid of that retched feeling of failure and inability to provide what I intended, I am in a great position to share this and help others reach their goals.

Start your journey with me.